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Membership Matters! Get involved! Become a member!


MIA Membership year runs from July 1 to June 30, but you may join at any time.


Your Annual Membership supports MIA in its efforts to develop Teacher Education Programs, to provide school mentorship opportunities, and to contribute to a global mindfulness and understanding of Montessori Education.


By joining MIA:

  • Schools give parents the assurance that the school has met professional standards.  

  • Member schools get valuable benefits and opportunities: discounted regional and international conference fees, school development mentorship, and global community connections.  Member schools may be highlighted in newsletters and advertised on the MIA web page.

  • Member schools have the opportunity to be involved in the process of Teacher Certification by becoming an MIA certified Practicum Site School. Ask about becoming a Practicum Site Member School. (Practicum Site Schools receive a 70% discount on School Membership fees.)


All members receive membership confirmation letters, discounts to MIA functions, access to the newsletters, and schools also receive a membership endorsement suitable for display.  Members have voting rights in MIA elections.


Annual dues for member schools are determined by school level.  


MIA Teacher Education Programs are members upon certification.

Download the files below, fill it out, and submit and pay it through the form below. 

Document upload and online payment
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