The Helen K. Billings Scholarship Fund was founded, in the early days of MIA, through a desire of Dr. Billings.​


The purpose of the HKB Scholarship Fund is to offer financial assistance in the achievement of MIA’s purpose as stated in the MIA Bylaws:  “…to foster and encourage the Montessori Method of Teaching throughout the world with particular emphasis on the training and certifying of Montessori teachers…”


MIA membership dues and donations support the Scholarship Fund.


Financial assistance is limited to MIA members: Teacher Education Programs (TEP), Membership Schools, and Individual Members.


Scholarship Selection Process is conducted semi-annually by the MIA Scholarship Committee in cooperation with the MIA Executive Committee. Inclusion of both international and domestic recipients is an important part of the Scholarship Fund. Scholarship Fund will accept applications from any MIA Member regardless of race, religion, or location.


Confidentiality is an important part of the Scholarship Selection Process and applies to all information gathered in the application process including: information on the application, documentation requested and received, and any and all additional information received relating to the applicant during the process of applicant evaluation.

HKB Scholarship fund recipients are limited to the following MIA members:

Teacher Education Program (TEP) seeking financial assistance to establish:

  • a training program as MACTE accredited;

  • an additional training level within the TEP; or

  • an additional training site location associated with the TEP.


Membership School seeking to establish: 

  • a classroom as a MIA certified Practicum Site; or

  • an additional classroom as a MIA certified Practicum Site.


Individual Member seeking to:  

  • begin or complete the necessary training and practicum process to become a MIA certified Teacher/Guide or a MIA Course Trainer of adult learners;

  • begin or complete the necessary training and practicum process to become a Montessori Classroom Assistant; continue their education to maintain proficiency as a Montessori Teacher/Guide, Course Trainer, or a Montessori Classroom Assistant; or

  • further their understanding of an aspect of Montessori Philosophy through in-depth research.

TEP Scholarship

Member School Scholarship

Individual Member Scholarship