Introducing: Three-Year Certification for Practicum Sites

Certification Standards and Procedures to allow Practicum Sites to receive a 3-year Certification.

NOTE: Photos contain translations of the following information in Vietnamese and Chinese (Simplified)

For new Practicum Sites:

1. Must meet all requirements stated in our MIA Certification Standards and Procedures under PRACTICIUM SITE Article 1 Sections 1 and 2.

2. A one- year certificate will be awarded to new Practicum sites as a probationary period. The Practicum Site’s performance with regards to quality of practice and experience the adult learners will be getting from their center and the evaluation of the adult learner, Field Supervisors, and the TEP of this Practicum Site will determine if they will qualify for a 3 -year certificate the following year.

For Old Practicum Sites may be granted a certificate that is valid for 3 years provided:

1. They submit updated form to their TEP indicating the list of materials and Supervising teachers in each class that is declared as a Practicum Site.

2. TEP should be informed of any changes that occurs in the school like change of building or classroom and change of Supervising Teachers.

3. If MIA learns of a validity issue at the Practicum Site during their certification period, MIA will notify the TEP to perform additional checks, and MIA reserves the right to revert the certificate back down to 1- year certification.

4. TEPs are encouraged to get a pledge of commitment from the Host school indicating how the school and Practicum Site will support the Adult Learners in their Practicum Phase. We suggest this should be reviewed and signed by the School Director, Supervising Teacher, and TEP Program Director and any Adult Learners to ensure comprehension of responsibilities.

· A proposed fee of $250 will be paid for the 3 - year Practicum Site Certificate.

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