Vision:    A world where every child can reach their full potential

Mission:  Montessori Institute of America empowers adults throughout the world to inspire lifelong success through Montessori Education

Values:   Diversity, Respect, Responsibility


    In our commitment to fulfill our Vision and Mission statements, MIA has chosen to adopt a Code of Ethics. MIA requires that member schools and Teacher Education Programs consent to follow the MIA Code of Ethics. MIA relies on self-compliance of this Code.

    In consenting to follow the Code of Ethics, program directors, administrators, and heads of schools agree to encourage their educators and faculty to strive to: conduct themselves in ways that reflect respect to those around them, both professionally and personally; and to do whatever is within their capabilities to protect the right of each child and Adult Learner to have the freedom and opportunity to develop to their full physical, intellectual, and spiritual potential.

Commitment to the Profession

Those in the profession make efforts to raise professional standards and conditions, to encourage others in the profession, and to promote Montessori education to worthwhile individuals.

The Montessori educator shall strive to

  • Build, or engage in, strong communities of like-minded groups through collaboration to provide a basis for positive change;

  • Represent their self with clarity and true intent and be responsible for all actions;

  • Treat others with respect, fairness and good faith, and provide conditions that safeguard others rights and welfare.

Commitment to the Adult Learner

In fulfillment of the obligation to the adult learner, the educator shall strive to

  • Encourage independent action on the part of the Adult Learner in the pursuit of learning;

  • Protect the opportunity for Adult Learner participation in educational programs which reflect, and create, a diverse educational environment without discrimination in regard to bias of ethnicity, sex, creed, language or national origin;

  • Protect the right of the Adult Learner to learn in a safe and healthy learning environment

  • Maintain confidentiality of information secured in the course of their profession


Commitment to the Community

Those involved with Montessori education share in the responsibility for interpreting Montessori policy to the community, great and small, and in promoting positive change. In fulfilling these goals, the educator shall strive to:

  • Act responsibly toward the communities in which they teach in order to benefit the communities they are serving.

  • Build strong communities through collaboration to provide a basis for positive change.

  • Promote the social, economic, and educational empowerment of all individuals and communities to preserve fundamental principles and rights.

  • Represent MIA in a positive, professional manner with integrity and not misrepresent its policies, and shall strive to distinguish private views from official MIA policy.