Join a Committee

If you are interested in volunteering with a committee please take a look at the current list of committees. Further information about current projects may be obtained by contacting the committee directly or filling out the sign up sheet below. Please take note that automatic placement into a committee is not guaranteed.

  • Event Support Committee – purpose is to plan and execute an Annual Conference, including arranging for location, venue, speakers, catering, etc, and to support regional workshops and conferences. Email

  • Certification Review Committee – purpose is to review and evaluate new and renewal applications, to clarify concerns brought before the committee, to maintain statistical data for the Board regarding teaching programs and teachers. Email

  • Promotional & Social Media Committee – purpose is to maintain knowledge of the present Montessori community (international and domestic), review and evaluate such knowledge, and present that knowledge to the Montessori community through newsletter, website, and social media. Email

  • Membership Committee – purpose is to promote new and renewal membership in MIA through Newsletter, website, and social media and at public venues, such as MIA Annual Conference and regional workshops and symposiums, by staffing a booth or table. Email

  • Procedural Committee – purpose is focused on the clarification and updating of forms and procedural documents annually to ensure fidelity of information. Email


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